Proven Results

Prestige Nurse aide

training academy


Has Maintained the Highest Standards with Quality Curriculum Maintenance and usage of updated textbook editions.


Presige Academy National and State Certification passing percentages (on first Attempt) maintained at 95% consistant for the last 3 consecutive years.


WE Have Matched All Our Programs Passing Percentage to meet State and National Level of 80%.

Prestige Nurse Aide Training Academy

Prestige Nurse Aide Training Academy CNA Classes, Phlebotomy, EKG.....


The instructors, administrators, and staff at Prestige Nurse Aide Training Academy are united in their belief that ALL students:


  • Have the Ability to Learn

  • Must Be Self Motivated


No two students have exactly the same skills or learning styles. That’s why at Prestige we have created a learning environment that combines a teaching methodology of direct instruction, small-group work, one-on-one tutoring, videos, lab practice, and hands on clinical rotations. This conjunction of teaching modalities works Great for the students retention of information.

Prestige Nurse Aide Training Academy is Accredited by The Better Business Bureau to offer you excellence. The Courses offered are approved through the Illinois Board of Higher Education IBHE, Illinois Department of Public Health IDPH, and The National Center for Competency Testing NCCT. Prestige has not been recognized by a U.S. Department of Education accrediting body.

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